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Why We are Here

The global burden of liver disease is enormous and increasing locally and throughout the world. Two million people die annually, and millions more experience decreased quality of life from chronic liver disease. Over the past two decades numerous socioeconomic and clinical changes have changed the types and frequencies of specific chronic liver conditions.

Who We Are

Northeast Ohio Liver Alliance a nonprofit founded in February of 2021 to:

  • Educate healthcare professionals and lay persons about liver disease;
  • Advocate for resources, policy change and public health interventions that prevent and positively impact liver disease;
  • Support research and public health interventions that benefit persons living with liver disease.

Our stakeholders are health care providers, those with liver disease, their families and the public at large. All funds raised stay in Ohio to support our community-based education, advocacy and research programs.

Two of our founding board members discuss how and why the Northeast Ohio Liver Alliance was formed and what future developments are coming for the organization.

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