Our Advocacy


We advocate for public policies that ensure access to care and treatment for those affected by liver disease. To accomplish this, we focus on educating policy makers and elected officials that represent Northeast Ohio residents at a local, state and federal level.  Often our goals are achieved when working in collaboration with other groups.

Liver Action Network Member:

As a local non-profit, being a member of the Global Liver Institute Liver Action Network keeps us informed on legislative and regulatory packages that are liver health-centric to guide our advocacy efforts.

Our 2024 Legislative Priorities:


Priority Initiatives

  • COVID-19 Response: Ensure that people living with liver disease are not disproportionately impacted by COVID-19 and do not experience unnecessary or discriminatory health care or treatment disruptions.
  • Health Disparities: Address inequities in the care of people impacted by liver disease.
  • Liver Health Policy: Advance Liver Health is Public Health globally, the U.S. NASH Action Plan, and policies that prevent and address the more than 100 types of liver diseases and related conditions.
  • Liver Health Regulations: Work with regulators to better incorporate the experiences, perspectives, and needs of liver patients into regulatory decision-making.


Engaged Initiatives

  • Liver Health Research: Advocate for funding that ensures meaningful growth of vital liver health research and public health programs.
  • Transplant: Urgently respond to the inequities that impact organ transplantation; improve care for transplant patients, increase the number of available organs.
  • Viral Hepatitis: Increase support for hepatitis programs and raise awareness of viral hepatitis; advocate for the elimination of viral hepatitis.
  • Value: Advance health care policies that reflect the unique ability patients have to contribute to the understanding of their condition and treatment management.
  • Patient Access and Reimbursement: Support policy solutions that curb patients’ health care expenses, and protect access to transformative therapi

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